combining superior product features with customisable aesthetics

We create aesthetically empathetic ostomy care products, designed to harmonise with the unique needs of each and every ostomate. By focusing on a delicate balance between the emotional and physical effects of living with a stoma, we are challenging and changing how ostomy care products are designed, delivered and ultimately perceived.

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ostique champions

This is the future of stoma wear! I’m just in awe. This is one of the greatest things ever. Thank you!

Absolutely stunning, something I’d love to wear. Would be a dream to walk down the street not having to hide [my] bag.

I would definitely get it. Would really help one feel beautiful with what is essentially a bag of faeces stuck to their body.

This is fabulous. I don’t know why companies don’t understand what a difference it could make.

[This] brings users more confidence and a sense of normalcy. It frees the subject of stigma, which is especially important for young people!

This would help my body image tremendously.... It would make me feel attractive

our story

Founded by Stephanie Monty, a product design graduate from Brunel University, this business has extremely personal origins. Both her brothers have Crohn's Disease. Inspired by their struggle with this disease, their bravery, strength and humour throughout it all, Ostique was brought to life.

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