Ostique Sk.ns are our revolutionary ostomy pouch covers. They were created to make you feel confident, seen, sexy and powerful - in all life's moments.

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Your perfect accessory

We all know that confidence is the best accessory and Ostique Sk.ns are designed to give you just that.

From moments of intimacy, to lounging by the pool, conquering that workout, or simply heading out to lunch; Sk.ns has you covered.

Even better: they are compatible with all major colostomy and ileostomy bags brands!

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What makes Sk.ns different?

  1. Available in a range of colours and skin tones
  2. Waterproof
  3. Easy to use
  4. Work with closed and drainable bags
  5. Revolutionary material (no more cotton fabric covers)
  6. Environmentally friendly and vegan
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Sk.ns Innovations

All the features and benefits of our revolutionary product

Sk.n Size (mm): 210h x 150w x 1.5d