CRL Access to Funding

CRL Access to Funding

Last month, Ostique took part in the Central Research Laboratory’s ‘Access to Funding Business’ Event. Our Founder, Stephanie Monty, took the stage to pitch the company and our unique product ideas.

After hearing some amazing pitches and concepts from the other companies, (and despite some seriously stiff competition), Ostique was the winner on the day!

We are so proud to have won our first pitching event ever! The prize money will all go back into our business, allowing us to continue working and designing.

As a start-up, attending exciting events like this, and hearing from other experienced entrepreneurs is great for learning and meeting other people in the industry. The CRL put on many amazing events for entrepreneurs, start-ups, students, and pretty much anyone interested in emerging design and developing business. Find out more here.

Thank you CRL!

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