Ostique Needs You!

We’ve been hard at work developing our new range of ostomy accessories, and we need your help! In order to make the best possible ostomy appliances, we need input from real people.  The more ostomates that can take part in our survey, the better product we can provide for you.

Our survey can be found via the link below. Please be as honest as you can!


Cube Design Museum


Our products are currently being featured at the renowned Cube Design Museum in the Netherlands, in their exhibition ‘Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Toilets, But Were Afraid to Ask’ which looks at the design principles behind our most essential needs!

Cube’s aim is to ask questions and provide answers about past, present and future conditions, as do we at Ostique. Their exhibition tries to remove stigma from topics such as bowel movements, ‘malodorous smells’ and even people’s preferred methods of emptying their bowels on the go!

We are so proud to be featured at the museum, alongside some amazing innovations. The exhibition is on until 19th November 2017, so pop in if you’re in the area! More information can be found on their website.

Thank you Cube Design Museum!

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